All photography provided by Nico Humby

Miles Zurawell is a performer, recording artist and teacher based in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. He has toured internationally with renowned acts such as the Greg Blake Band, Blaine Sprouse, and John Lowell and performs in Canada with his own project Nomad Jones.


Raised in small town Alberta, Miles Zurawell was immersed in a wide range of music from an early age. A pianist and self-taught guitarist in his formative years, he fell in love with bluegrass when he was inspired to pick up the banjo by a university biology professor. Soon after, he also picked up the dobro (resonator guitar). In 2018, he left behind the golden handcuffs of his government biology career to focus intensively on learning the dobro, and has travelled all over North America seeking out the best teachers.

Now armed with the technical skills acquired from intensive study of the bluegrass genre, along with his eclectic taste in music, his musical focus is to help bring the beautiful timbre of the dobro to other genres of music apart from bluegrass.