—— Learn banjo, dobro, or acoustic guitar with Miles Zurawell! ——

I teach private lessons out of my home studio in Victoria, BC or online through Skype or FaceTime.

Learn how to:

  • *NEW: Learn beginner clawhammer banjo

  • Play 5-string banjo using the Earl Scruggs (three-finger) style

  • Play the dobro (resonator guitar) in bluegrass and other styles

  • Play acoustic guitar in the folk, bluegrass, and country genres.

  • Jam along with others

  • Play songs from artists you enjoy listening to

  • Play backup and lead solos (breaks)

  • Play by ear, and with the assistance of tablature

  • Identify chords and when they change in a song

  • Use the Nashville Number System

We’ll learn the foundational techniques to help you progress and carry your learning forward, get over some plateaus and hurdles, and learn those skills by using the songs you already enjoy listening to. We’ll learn by hearing and doing, with some tablature as a helpful reference. No sight reading or music theory background required!

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